Hall, Richard H., 2000, The UFO Evidence, Volume II, Lanham, Maryland, Scarecrow Press, pages 212-213:

UFO Hovers Near Minuteman Missile Site, Darts To and Fro, Farm Animals Alert Witnesses

July 25, 1967: Garrison, ND.  10:30 P.M.  Farmer LaVern Affeldt and his family had their attention attracted by their farm animals to a UFO hovering near a Minuteman missile site.  Affeldt was outside in the barnyard doing chores when he noticed that the cattle were nervous, and the dog was whining and looking off toward the east.  Glancing in that direction he saw a glowing blue-white object hovering in the vicinity of the Minuteman missile site, about a mile (1.6 km) away.  He called to his family, and they saw it too.
   Shortly afterward the object began to move straight north from the missile site, darting with rapid bursts of speed, then slowing to a stop again.  Each time it accelerated, its color changed to bright red, then gradually back to blue-white as it slowed down and stopped.  The object also moved up and down as well as horizontally, almost touching the ground at times.  Finally it moved away to the north.  The NICAP investigator reported: “As Affeldt put it, [the object] either shot out of sight very fast, or blinked out as it just seemed to disappear.”

     All of the family members stated that what they saw could not have been an aircraft of any kind.  Affeldt said the object was perfectly round with well-defined edges, and one of his children agreed.  The other children and Mrs. Betty Affeldt thought it was more of a “top” shape.  All agreed on the color change with motion, and all stated that the object appeared to be revolving like the light on a police car.(29)

(29) Subcommittee report in NICAP files.

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