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Dorset, England
October 26, 1967

Animal Reaction Feature:
On a clear sunny day with strong wind, Angus Brooks was walking his Dalmatian and Alsatian [German Shepherd—jw] near the south coast of England.  An odd looking craft descended at speed and hovered at an altitude of 200-300 feet at a distance of about Ľ mile [1320 feet] from them for 22 minutes, starting at 11:25 a.m.  The Alsatian had been foraging for game.  She returned and was described as “distraught” as she stood beside Brooks.  Brooks commented that her ears were pricked in such as manner as to indicate she was worried about sounds that she was hearing, although Brooks could detect no sound from the object.  On future visits to this area, the Alsatian appeared nervous.  About 6 weeks later she died of acute cystitis but there is no indication her death was associated with the event of October 26.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Angus Brooks had worked as a flying officer for BOAC, and in WWII, he was a military photographic interpreter.  He had also attended art school, so he had familiarity with aircraft and a trained eye from his art education [see drawings from Strange Effects.]

This odd-shaped craft had a central round chamber estimated 25 feet in diameter and 12 feet thick.  Four long slender fuselages (estimated 75 feet long and 8 feet wide) extended from the central chamber.  In flight, one of the 4 fuselages led, while the other 3 were together in the rear.  As the object slowed to hover, the fuselages moved to form an “+,” the object rotated 90 degrees, then remained motionless for 22 minutes in spite of strong winds.  Upon departure, the leading fuselage was not the one that was leading on approach.  The remaining 3 fuselages came together in the rear as on the approach, and the object climbed away with increasing speed.

The craft appeared translucent, taking on the color of the sky above it.  There were dark shadows along the bases of the fuselages and the center chamber.

No sound,  EM effects, or physiological effects were reported.

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