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Redlands, California
February 4, 1968

Animal Reaction Feature:
Between 7:20 and 7:25 p.m. in a residential area, many people over several streets came outdoors because of the unusual barking of the dogs in the neighborhood and/or because of an unusual sound. A circular object at an estimated altitude of 300 feet was seen moving slowly to the ENE.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
It is estimated that 200 people saw or heard this object, including four University of Redlands professors (geology, mathematics, chemistry, and art) who became involved in the investigation.  The objectís size was estimated to be 50 feet in diameter.  It had lights on the base that appeared to expel jets of orange flame, and it had lights on the top that alternated red and green, giving the impression the object was rotating.

The object flew slowly for about a mile, stopped and hovered briefly, jerked forward, hovered, and then shot straight up at high speed.

The sound was reported as a high-pitched modulated whining sound.  Professor Seff (geology) concluded that the sound heard by many (and recorded by a minister) was that of an emergency rescue vehicle and was not coming from the object overhead.  Professor Brownfield (art) did a composite drawing based on witnesses who saw the object from a variety of angles.

The sound is questionable.  McDonald (1968) indicates witnesses reported physiological effects with no further explanation.  No EM effects were reported.

McDonald, James E., 1968, Testimony to House Science and Astronautics Committee, U.S. Congress. Committee Print, p. 18-85.  This can be read at: and see Case 15, page 52-53.

Story, Ronald D., ed., 1980, Encyclopedia of UFOs, New York, Doubleday, pages 299-300.

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