Group /Category 4
Animal Effect Cases

Dome-Shaped Object Spooks Dogs
Claremont, New Hampshire
July 30, 1968

Animal Reaction Feature:
Two dogs belonging to the family were reported as highly disturbed.   A female German Shepherd was located in the garage and a male poodle was located in the house with the witnesses.  A domed object, estimated 10 feet above the ground and 230 feet from the witnesses, was in the area for 2 ½ hours.  There was a high-pitched humming sound that witnesses compared to the sound of a utility pole transformer.  When the object departed, the sound grew very loud.

The German Shepherd “…was…whimpering and whining as if something was hurting her… ”  When the object departed, the shepherd “whined loudly.” The poodle, who normally sleeps in the bedroom, was upset, and pawed the side of the bed until the witness put him into the bed, where he was found to be shaking. As soon as the object departed, the dogs became quiet and went to sleep.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
At 2 am, a land surveyor and his wife were preparing to retire when they saw lights in the field 200 feet behind their house.  Looking through the window, they saw a 20-foot-in-diameter dome-shaped object, the underside of which was either illuminated, or the object was projecting a large beam of gray-colored light onto the ground covering a 20-foot diameter circle. The object was moving slowly, casting shadows that were moving on the ground. At some point, the witnesses saw an arm or a projection descend from the object toward the ground.  The object moved about 25 feet to the east and remained in that position until 4:30 am. At that time, the humming became much louder and the light from the object became much brighter.  The object started moving west, clearing the trees and disappearing.

The couple’s children were reported to be restless in their sleep during this event. No EM effects or physiological effects were reported.  Witnesses were frightened, but had just moved in and had no phone.  The husband reported this incident to the police several hours later.

An independent witness, a manufacturing plant worker, in Claremont reported that he saw a bright round moon at extremely low altitude at 1 am and that it floated in a gentle arc to the northeast.  He was located less than 2 miles from the above sighting.

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