Hynek, J. Allen, 1972, The UFO Experience,  New York, Ballantine Books, pages 153-154 and page 270:

Another case takes us to the province of Quebec, Canada, where on May 11, 1969 (See Appendix 1, CEII-22), M. Chaput, a pulp mill worker, was awakened on his ten-acre farm at 2 A.M. by the barking of his dog.  Looking outside he saw, the report of a practiced Canadian UFO investigator states, an intense light source illuminating his field about 600 feet away.  It was so bright that it lighted the surrounding area, even the house.  He went outside and could see his shadow cast on the house.  When interviewed, Chaput said he felt that the light could not have been more than 15 feet above the ground.  Then the light vanished, but he could hear a purring sound receding in the distance.

The next morning he went to the scene of the incident with one of his teenaged sons and a younger child and found not only a circular mark of the “traditional”type but “three circular depressions, equally spaced to form a triangule with a rectangular depression one to two inches in depth,” near the midpoint of the base of the triangle.  The investigator conjectures that the three evenly-spaced depressions might have been caused by landing legs or pads, with the rectangular depression, the result of a hatchway pressing down with extreme force.

Page 27O: part of Appendix 1: Description of Sightings Discussed in Text

CE II-22 May 11, 1969, 2:00 a.m.  Chapeau, Que.  1+4 observers, 5 min. duration, Strangeness Index
(S) = 4, Probability of event as described (P) = 5.

(Hynek states that a report with an S of 3 and a P of 5 should “command attention and challenge science.”  Page 31.)
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