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Physical Trace Case

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Delphos, Kansas
November 2, 1971

Animal Reaction Feature:
Snowball was a farm dog, an outdoors living dog who assisted in rounding up and herding sheep.  Sheep were also involved in this incident, and the event took place during the time their lambs were being born.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
It was after dark on a clear night when Ron Johnson heard the rumbling noise and stepped out to see a brilliant object near the ground. There was a mass of unchanging colors over the object—blue, red, and orange.  The actual surface could not be seen, and the shape was difficult to discern, but the top had a flat-dome shape and it had a flat bottom. At one point Ron compared it to “a toad stool.”   Ron estimated it to be 8 feet in diameter. A bright glow with a shimmering appearance extended from the base to the ground. The glow from the object illuminated nearby trees and the ground.

Physical traces were found on the ground where the object hovered. Touching the traces caused numbness. 
No EM effects were reported.

Phillips, Ted (Edited by Jennie Zeidman), 2002, Delphos,  A Close Encounter of the Second Kind (CE II), Fairfax, VA, UFO Research Coalition, 176 pp.