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Animal Effect Cases

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Falmouth, Nova Scotia
November 8, 1973

Animal Behavior Feature:
At 6:15 pm on an evening with an overcast at 3,000-4,000 feet and with 15 mile visibility, two low flying brilliantly red lights were observed for 15 minutes.  During this time, the family dog was described as greatly agitated.

Joan Woodward, Animal Behavior Specialist:
Joan Scofield, her husband and four children saw the two brilliantly red lights, one following the other.  They flew low from south to north at various speeds that ranged from slow to so fast they became a blur.  Lost behind trees, they were assumed to have circled as they came back from the opposite direction.

No sound, EM effects, or physiological effects were reported.

Ledger, Don, 1998, Maritime UFO Files, Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS, pages 97-98.

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