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Rosedale, Victoria, Australia
September 30, 1980
* Also listed as a Category 6, Trace case

Animal Reaction Feature:
About 1 a.m. on a clear, calm, moon lit night, George Blackwell, 54, farm hand and caretaker, was awakened by a screeching whistle and the sounds of cattle bellowing and of a horse running about as if panicked.  Looking out, he saw the cattle up in one corner of a paddock and the horse was running in a circle in a small paddock.  He also saw an object with lights moving 8-10 feet above the ground.  It was not illuminating the ground.  For about 2 minutes, still making a whistling sound, the object moved about, passing near a shed, a hedge estimated 500 feet away, and a silo, and it hovered for a minute over a water tank, before settling on the ground.

Dressing and going out on his motorbike, Blackwell rode toward the landed object, which was continuing to make a whistling sound.  Stopping to open a gate, a disturbed cow, frothing at the mouth, came through the gate and hid itself in an adjacent shed.  Blackwell rode his bike to 50 feet from the object and watched until it took off.

A week after this event, cattle were still having to be rounded up to the east (at the end of a large paddock), and the stock would not go near the area of landing, marked by a dark ring on the ground.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Blackwell rode his motorbike out into the paddocks and observed the landed, whistling object from 50 feet away.   The object consisted of two domes, a small white dome on top and a large orange dome with circular windows or lights (orange and blue) underneath the white dome. The height was estimated as about 15 feet and the diameter, as 26 feet.  After about 3 minutes, the noise increased and a black tube appeared around the base of the orange dome.  The black tube seemed to inflate beyond the diameter of the object, and with a tremendous “bang” and a blast of air and heat, the object lifted up and moved away.  The headlight of Blackwell’s bike lit the base, and the black tube seemed to deflate toward the center of the base, and six evenly spaced spokes were seen around the base.  At 30 feet out and at an altitude of 8-10 feet, the object became silent and debris fell away from the underside.  It disappeared going east.

As Blackwell sat on his motorbike, which was still running, his body felt like jelly—(trembling), and he could go no closer to the object because of the intensity of the noise.  Other physiological effects included reoccurring headaches for 7-8 days and vomiting and diarrhea for the same period.  No EM effects were reported (motor bike and its headlight were unaffected).  Blackwell’s watch would not run when he wore it for 3 days, although it did run when he was not wearing it

The next day, a circular ring and other ground traces were found. About 10,000 gallons of water reportedly disappeared from a concrete, open-topped water tank over which the object hovered.

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