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Trenton, New York
May 21, 1990

Animal Reaction Feature:
At 9 pm on a clear night, a family was on their front porch with their blind dog when a boomerang-shaped object moved slowly over their house at treetop level.  A humming sound (low hum, generator hum, rushing sound like a jet pack) was reported.  The dog was described as indifferent.  [Unfortunately there is no information on the age of the dog or its ability to hear—jw]

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
At their house in an area described as wooded, three adults, 41, 50, and 24, all with high a school education, one (father) was a jet aircraft mechanic, sighted a dark boomerang or delta-shaped object with large, steady white lights at its 3 corners. Swirling or pulsating lines of smaller lights were on the bottom.  The object approached haltingly and passed slowly over the house.  A fourth son and a neighbor were also alerted to the object.

No physiological effects were reported but the mother was described as “in hysterics.”

No EM effects were reported.

The object reportedly maneuvered over a neighbor’s property for 4 hours or more, until the witnesses stopped watching and went to bed.

The investigator interviewed four witnesses for 4 hours at the location of the sighting.

MUFON UFO DATABASE, Portion of Reports from the Files at MUFON Headquarters,
July 1999, Sequin TX, CD-ROM, Case Log #930506E by Keith Conroy.

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