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Waymart, Pennsylvania
June 7, 1990

Animal Reaction Feature:
A neighbor’s dog barked constantly as an oval shaped object ringed with steady red, white, and green lights directed two white beams at the witness.  The object was silent and was estimated to be less than 500 feet in altitude and less than 500 feet away.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
On a clear night at 11:45 pm, an adult female was driving home and noticed a bright light.  Arriving home, the object approached and two white beams were directed at her from the bottom of the object. Her neighbor attempted to chase the object in a truck.

No EM effects, no sound, and no physiological effects were reported.

MUFON UFO DATABASE, Portion of Reports from the Files at MUFON Headquarters, July 1999, Sequin TX, CD-ROM, Case Log #900705 by Stan Gordon.

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