Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, 1969
Strange Effects from UFOs
Washington, D.C., NICAP, p. 34-35.

UFO Light Beam Frightens Observers

Mrs. Lucille Drzonek and her two daughters, Joyce and Rosemarie, were riding on U.S. 20 near Keeneyville, Illinois.  It was 12:30 a.m., March 7, 1967.  Joyce was driving.

After passing Keeneyville, Joyce Drzonek told NICAP, the three women saw a “solid object, outlined in bright white lights with two big beams in front.”  It was approximately 15 feet in diameter.  As it came close to the ground, she stated, the witnesses could see “flashing green and red lights.”  Then it “seemed to take on a round or disc shape and started blinking at us.”

The Drzoneks’ dog, Bugle, also in the car, was so frightened that his “hair stood straight on his back.”

As the women turned off Rt. 20 toward Bartlett, the UFO appeared to descend into the woods, lighting the area in a red glare, according to the March 9, 1967, edition of The Elgin (Ill.) Courier-News.  Then “something zoomed up out of the woods and headed straight at the back of our car windows,” Mrs. Drzonek said.  The UFO projected two white beams of light through the back windows of the automobile.  The witnesses were “frightened yet curious” and the dog “just stood stiffly with his hair up on his back.”

Arriving home, Joyce blew the car horn and screamed for Mr. Drzonek, who was asleep.  The UFO was still following them and was now about 10 feet over a tree in their yard.

Then a strange “gray mist appeared only in our backyard,” Joyce stated in her report.  As the mist cleared away, the UFO had disappeared.

Mrs. Drzonek said Bugle “was upset for two days.”  An unidentified veterinarian said the dog may have been frightened by a high-pitched noise inaudible to humans.

Other area sightings occurred that same night and the following evening in Moline, Galesburg, Peoria, Canton, Pekin, Salem and Centralia, although some of the reports are suspected to be the planet Venus, very bright in the west at that time of year.


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