Elgin Daily Courier-News, Elgin, Illinois, Thursday, March 9, 1967

‘Who Believes You?’

Don’t Laugh—Saucer Chased ‘Em Home


  BARTLETT – “I don’t want to believe what I saw,” said Mrs. Lucille Drzonek of 215 Crest Ave., Bartlett.
   “Flying saucers!  Who would believe such things?”
   “We are new in town, and I was worried that people would think this was funny, but I have to tell somebody,” she said today.
   “Who do you tell it to?  I called the telephone operator when I got through shaking and she laughed at me so I hung up.”
   Mrs. Drzonek said she wanted to share her experience with readers of the Elgin Daily Courier-News so that some explanation can be offered for what she and two daughters saw in the early morning hours Tuesday.
   She told of driving a niece home to Worth, Ill., and returning with her two daughters, Joyce, 24, and Rosemary, 17, and “Bugle,” the family Beagle.
   As they passed Keeneyville on U.S. 20, she said, they saw what appeared to be a falling star.
   “It was funny.  It fell just so far and then seemed to take on a round or disc shape and started blinking at us.
   “My daughters insisted we stop the car and watch.  It was a circular shape, blinking with red lights high in the sky.  It just hung up there and didn’t go away.”
   Mrs. Drzonek said, “At this point, we were just curious about the blinking red lights, but not too scared.”
   That came later, she said, “and I’m still shaking.”  They told of turning off of Route 20 at Devon Avenue to enter Bartlett and watching through the car windows as the blinking disc seemed to descend into a dark woods.
   “The red glare as it lowered to the ground lit the whole woods,” said Mrs. Drzonek “and the dog stood against the windows of the car with all his hair raised in fright.”
   “We watched in fascination as the black trees outlined themselves against the red glow and decided that we had to go back to the corner to watch what happened,” she said.
   “After turning the car around and returning to the Devon intersection, we really saw something,” she said.  “Something zoomed up out of the woods and headed straight at the back of our car window.”
   “The red glare was gone and the object was a very brilliant white,” she said.
   “My daughter Joyce saw two white beams of light shine right into the back windows of the car.”
   They were “frightened out of our wits” by this time, she said, and the dog could not be quieted down, “he just stood stiffly with his hair up on his back.”
   She said she was so rattled she could not think with the radio blaring so she turned it off and started driving home, with the object appearing to follow.
   Mrs. Drzonek said that when they got within two blocks of their home they started to blow the car horn and scream but the object kept following them and appeared just about 10 feet over the top of a tall tree in their side yard.
   Once inside, Mrs. Drzonek said, she tried to awaken her husband but could not.  “Who believes you?” she asked.
   Her son did wake up in time to join them at the window, and they watched for an hour, she said.
   “The disc went high up into the sky and looked gray.  It still flickered on and off as though it had lights,” said Mrs. Drzonek.
   “After a while, a heavy gray matter much like fog seemed to drift down into the yard and around the house.  When it cleared, the object was gone,” she said.
   “This has got to be told,” said Mrs. Drzonek.  “I know now how people feel who see these things, or whatever they are called, but what could I do?”
   She said she called the police and airports but not one took her seriously.
   “Where do you report a flying saucer?” she asked.


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