Object Startles Couple

  A dark, “clam-shaped” UFO that caused a dog to become highly agitated, emitted a “motor type” sound, and gave off a “ping type electrical charge” was observed at midnight, March 3, at Red Hill, New Hampshire.  The witnesses, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fellows, were traveling toward Sandwich when they saw a very bright, white, stationary light.

“The air had an electrical sparking in it,” said Mrs. Fellows in a report submitted by NICAP member Evelyn H. Spencer, "“and our dog began to be very disturbed, his hair stood up like a bush.  The light began to move up and down like a ‘yo-yo,’ dropping behind tree level and up again as it traveled with us toward Sandwich, changing to a bluish-green color.”

The witnesses saw the object disappear behind the trees and heard it emit a “motor-type” sound.  It had a “brilliant light on top.”  It then followed their car for 20 minutes, until they got to Sandwich.  Mrs. Fellows said the object was not more than 100 feet above the vehicle and that, at times, it got so close that she could practically reach out and touch it.  The UFO appeared to be taller than the car.

Upon reaching Route 113, the witnesses saw the object stop between two lighted church spires, then move off toward the northeast.  As it did so, it gave off a “ping type electrical charge.”  In her report, Mrs. Spencer that this mysterious charge  “could be felt and heard inside the car by both occupants.”

The U.F.O. Investigator, Vol. III, no. 12, March-April 1967, p. 6.

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