Group /Category 4
Animal Effect Cases

Red Hill, New Hampshire
March 3, 1967

Animal Behavior Feature:
An object paced a car at an estimated altitude of 100 feet, and at times it seemed very close to the vehicle.  A male dog traveling in the car with its owners became “very disturbed” and his “hair stood up like a bush” (most probably a fear reaction--jw).  The initial timing of the dog’s first reaction and the duration of the dog’s reaction are not clear. Witnesses described the air as having an electrical quality to it.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fellows were driving toward Sandwich, NH, near midnight.  They saw a bright white stationary light that began to ‘yo-yo’, dropping below tree level and up again, traveling with the car, and changing to a bluish-green color. The air was described as having an electrical sparking quality, and a motor-type sound was heard at one point. 

The object followed the car for 20 minutes at an estimated altitude of not more than 100’ above the vehicle and at times it moved in close enough that Mrs. Fellows felt she could have touched it.  It was described as “clam-shaped” and taller than the car.  It had a brilliant light on top (not clear if that light was the white and then blue-green color referred to above). When the car arrived at Sandwich, the object hovered between two church spires, then moved off to the northeast giving a ping-type electrical charge that was felt and heard inside the car.

No EM effects were reported.  Other than the electrical charge feeling, no physiological effects were reported.

Source: The U.F.O. Investigator, Vol. III, No. 12


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