Case Directory - Category: 1; Distant Sightings
Subject:     Six Witnesses From General Mills Report Objects Circled Balloon
Date:        January 16, 1951
Location:  Artesia, NM

Francis Ridge:
This report is not a BB unknown but probably should be. The Blue Book Archives themselves tell us this much: Jan 16, 1951; Artesia, New Mexico. Time unknown. Witnesses: Two members of a balloon project from the General Mills . Aeronautical Research Laboratory, the manger of the Artesia Airport, and three pilots. The balloon crew was observing their 110' balloon at an altitude of 112,000' when a dull white, round object was spotted. It appeared larger than the balloon, but made no movement. Later, the balloon crew and the others saw two objects from the airport; flying side-by-side, they circled the balloon and flew away to the northeast. The second observation lasted about 40 seconds. Note: There was some confusion over the date of this case, with some records showing 1952 as the year. However

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Two Unusual Objects Over Artesia, NM - BB Archives - Dan Wilson
January 16, 1951; Artesia, New Mexico - BB Archives - Dan Wilson
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