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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 
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Subject: Flying Saucers over Korea During War


Air Force to Investigate UFO Reports Over Korea

Source: The Lowell (MA) Sun; February 19, 1952


Objects Sighted by Crew Members of Two Bombers

  Heavily Outnumbered Sabrejets down Two Communist Planes in MiG Alley


    WASHINGTON (UP) – The Air Force disclosed today that objects resembling ‘flying discs’ have been sighted over Korea by crew members of two U.S. bombers.

            Top officials have ordered a full investigation of the reports, which came through regular military intelligence channels.

            A spokesman said the objects were described by four eyewitnesses as globe-shaped, bright orange in color, and emitting an occasional flash of bluish light.

            He indicated that several were sighted, but did not give the number.

            The Air Force, which has thrown cold water on hundreds of previous “flying saucer” stories, apparently was impressed by the circumstances under which the new sightings were reported by its own personnel.

            The first report reached Air Force intelligence officers from two crew members of a B-29 Superfortress who said they saw the objects flying parallel to their plane at about midnight on the night of Jan. 29.  The plane was over Wonsan, Korea, at the time.

            This report might have been discounted as over-imaginative, but on the same night, a B-29 from a different squadron returned to its base after a flight over Sunchon, Korea, a considerable distance from Wonsan.  Two crew members told intelligence officers that they had seen “flying discs” moving parallel to their plane at a high altitude.  They fixed the time at about midnight.

            “The objects remained with the B-29 over Wonsan for five minutes and with the B-29 over Sunchon for one minute,” the Air Force said.

Probe Under Way

            While officials declined to elaborate on the bare announcement that a full investigation is underway, the open-minded Air Force attitude toward the new reports contrasted sharply with the blunt skepticism it has voiced about previous sightings of mysterious objects in the skies.

            The first “flying saucer” report was made in June, 1947, by a private pilot who told reporters he saw nine shimmering discs flying at high speed near Mt. Rainier, Wash.  Soon similar stories were pouring in from all parts of the country, and even from such distant points as Alaska, Scandinavia, Chile and Turkey.

            The Air Force set up a special investigating body dubbed “Project Saucer” to look into the reports.  After two years of work in which nearly 400 separate “sightings” were investigated, the Air Force reported in December, 1949, that it was satisfied that there was nothing to the scare.

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