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Original front page of El Paso Herald-Post in pdf

An Eyewitness Report – Flying Discs over Albuquerque

By Doyle Kline

Scripps-Howard Staff Writer

Source: El Paso Herald-Post, August 2, 1952, p1

Albuquerque, Aug. 2 – I saw a flight of luminous objects – at least 10 – pass over Albuquerque. The time was 9:50 p.m.

            Whatever they were, they made a  “flying saucers” believer out of me. They resembled nothing I has seen before.

            Their flight was soundless and graceful. At first they appeared overhead.

            They were clustered together in no apparent pattern, heading north.

            Then they shifted to a perfect V. the shift was done with precision. The formation resembled a flight of geese.

            Within a few seconds they formed a new pattern – two rows with the objects in front spaced at exact intervals. The “saucers” in the second row were spaced evenly between those in the first row.

            If the objects were about 2500 feet over the city, as they first appeared, they moved only about as fast as an F-86 Sabrejet. Going on this assumption, their shifts in position were incredibly swift and fantastically violent – in terms of our experience.

            But if their nearness to the ground was an illusion – and the Air Force has said it believes such a phenomena may be tricks of the atmosphere – their performance takes on even more incredible aspects.

            Their size appeared about one third the size of the moon when it is full and directly overhead. But the light they emitted was very different. It was not as intense as a star, nor as bright as the moon. There was no visible color, except white.

            The light was soft, almost suggesting reflection of lights in the city. The objects appeared low – yet at a great distance, if such a contradiction in credible.

            If they were at a great height, their speed must be beyond comprehension.

            I was a witness on several occasions when fireballs, both green and blue-white, flashed through the skies at various points in the Southwest. On one occasion I reported in detail what I saw to Dr. Lincoln La Paz, director of the University Of New Mexico Institute Of Meteroritics and a nationally known authority on such things.

            Dr. La Paz told me today that the objects I saw last night “definitely are not associated with the perseid meteor shower.” He said the perseid meteors are coming from the northeast and that they do not change formation or exhibit “intelligence or co-ordination.”

            Col. William Matheny, commander of the 34th Air Defense Division here, declined to report whether or not the objects were sighted on radar. He said he knew of no military flights at the hour of the “saucer maneuvers” and requested me to relate what I saw to his intelligence officers.

            I have witnessed both day and night rocket flights at White Sands Proving Ground, N.M. The saucers were something different altogether.

            In April, I witnessed the detonation of an atomic bomb in Nevada. The light emitted by the objects last night was of a different order. The Air Force can call the objects hallucinations, tricks of the atmosphere or perhaps anything falling within the limits of logic. But if you see them, you will be struck with the impressions that it is what they are.