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July 19, 1956
Page 4-B, Column 3

Kansas Fireballs Spotted By Navy Radar
and Editor

The Kansas State Highway Patrol
today said "a ball of fire traveling
east at a high rate of speed has
been picked up by radar at the
Hutchinson (Kan) Naval Air Sta-
The patrol said he had been asked
to try and observe the "phe-
nomena" near El Dorado in south
central Kansas.
It also reported a B29 bomber,
was being sent from the McCon-
nell Air Force Base at Wichita to
investigate "brightly illuminated,
flying obiects" in the skies over
Arkansas City, Wellington and El
Dorado Kan.
City editor Brian Coyne of the
Arkansas City Daily Traveler
said "a brilliantly lighted, tearshaped
object with prongs or
streams of light spraying down-
ward was sighted shortly after
A second "flying object" was sighted
around 1 a.m., Coyne said.
Accompanied by trooper Dick
Hadsell and city police from Ar-
kansas City, Coyne observed the
"flying objects" from various lo-
He said they "did not appear to
move rapidly but did move verti-
cally and horizontally over a wide
area of the sky."
"The prongs" or "streams of
bright light," Coyne said, "also
were observed first as directed
towards the earth and then ex-
tending from the sides of the ob-
He described the head of the
object  as being green in color or
"bluish green."
A McConnell Air Force Base of-
ficer questioned about the object
could offer no help. It was later
learned the air base had asked the
State Highway Patrol a number of
questions about the objects includ-
"What size is it in comparison
to a key or dime?"
"Would it compare in size to a
light bulb?"
"Is there any noise coming
from the object?"
"What are your weather condi-
Coyne answered the questions:
"The objects appear to be about
the size of a 200 watt light bulb.
There was no noise that can be at-
tributed to the objects and skies
over Arkansas City are very clear
except for a few light clouds .
There are lots of stars."
"I have tended to discount stor-
ies about flying objects," Coyne
said, "but brother, I am now a