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Subject: ARTICLE RE: December 1956; South Florida / RADCAT

December 15, 1956, Page 6

Air Radar Team
Sights 4,000-mph
'Saucer' in Fla.

MIAMI (UP)---Those flying
saucers are back again.
A radar expert for Pan American
Airways here said he spotted
an unidentified flying object on his
screen zipping over South Florida
at an estimated 4,000 mph.
The radar man, Donald Freestone,
said the object was "four
to five times larger" than any
aircraft observed in the past.
Freestone said six other Pan
American radar experts confirmed
his observation.
He described the object as egg-
or oval and said it first
appeared 65 miles southwest of
Miami at an altitude of 7,000-8,000
feet, going about 4,000 mph.
"I didn't believe in such things
before," Freestone said, "but after
this happened I got some books
and read up on it. Now I'm convinced
it was something that is
out of our experience, so far as
aircraft is concerned."
Giant rockets, such as the Viking
which was fired last week at the
Air Force Missile Test Center at
Cape Canaveral, 200 miles north of
Miami, are believed capable of
attaining speeds up to 4,000 mph.