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Subject: March 22, 1957; Point Mugu, California (BBU)
To: Fran Ridge <>

Oxnard Press-Courier
March 23, 1957
Page 1

Flying Saucer
Reported, But
Not Located
.Unidentified flying objects
were reported hovering over the
Camarillo - Santa Rosa Valley
area for more than an hour last
night, the sheriff's office reported.
The initial report came from
Mrs. Robert Beaudoin of Santa
Rosa Valley, who notified the
Oxnard Air Force Base.
An Air Force plane, seeking
another unidentified object
which turned out to be an airliner,
was ordered to check the
"They couldn't see anything,"
Col. Edwin F. Carey Jr., base
commander, said.
There was a report that the
Air Force radar station at Santa

Reports Checked
Later the 27th Air Division
lad reports of unidentified flying
objects from its Ground Observer
Corps personnel. "The
Navy had a plane up, but they
didn't see anything either," Col.
Carey said.
The 27th Air Division will investigate
the reports, Col. Carey
Deputy Richard McHenry of
the sheriff's office said that he
sighted an object at about 12:22
a.m. and saw it until 1:37 a.m.
Deputy McHenry was at the west
end of the Air Force Base .when
he first saw the object.
Mrs. Beaudoin said she and Ca-
rol Lltten, 17, a neighbor saw objects
"to the northeast," from
about 11:15 until after 1 o'clock.
"It was no optical illusion,"
Mrs. Beaudoin said. The ob-
jects, shaped "like .a tear drop
tipped sideways," went up and
down, from one side to the other
and halted sometimes, she said.
They were red and then bluegreen
depending on the angle,
Mrs. Beaudoin said. "They came
closer and then went farther
away," she said.