Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 09:44:16 +0100 (BST)
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Subject: Nov. 2, 1957; Levelland, Texas / Saucedo article
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Transcription provided by Rich Vitello:

Officials, Public Puzzled By Mysterious Flying Object

LEVELLAND, Texas. (AP) Rreports of a mystery object which one witness said flew around with a "great sound and rush of wind" had officials and the public puzzled today.

News men and authorities had reports of sightings over a wide West Texas area Saturday and yesterday.

Peace officers checking areas with the landings were reported were unable to find any trace.  Reese AFB officials declined to say whether an investigation was being made.

Pedro Saucedo, 30, a farm hand and part-time barber here, told officers and newsmen, "I was driving out to a farm near the Peltit
community (west of here) with a friend, Joe Salaz, when he first saw the thing.  We first saw a flash of light in a field to our
right, and we didn't think that much about it at first.

"When it got near, the lights of my truck when out and the motor died.  I jumped out of the truck and hit the dirt because I was
afraid.  I called to Joe but he didn't get out.  The thing passed directly over my truck with a great sound in a rush of wind.
It sounded like thunder and my truck rocked from from the blast.  I felt a lot of heat.  Then I got up and watched it go out of
sight towards Levelland," he said.

Saucedo, a Korean War veteran, said it was "torpedo shaped" or like a "a rocket."  But much larger. 

Bill Wilkerson, Lubbock Morning Avalanche veteran police reporter who talk to Saucedo, said he appeared considerably agitated.

Ronald Martin, 18, a Levelland truck driver, said his truck engine died and the lights went out "when a big ball of fire dropped onto the highway" East of here early Sunday.  Martin said the object changed to a bluish green color when it was settled on the highway, then changed to a fireball again when it rose straight up and disappeared.

Newell Wright, a Texas tech student from here, reported a similar occurrence also East of Levelland.

Police patrolman A.J. Fowler said Saucedo and about 14 others who called in reports of the object sounded upset and in some cases, terrified.

"They seem to agree that this something was 200 feet long, shaped like an egg and was lit up like a was on fire-but looked more like neon lights."  He said.

"They said it was about 200 feet in the air, and when it got close car motors and lights would go off.  Everybody that called was
very excited."  He asserted.

Sheriff Weir Clem said he saw a brilliant light in the distance but didn't get close enough for a good luck.  Highway patrolman Lee Hargrove and Floyd Cavin reported seeing similar flashes in the sky in about the same area and at the same time as Clem.  All were riding in separate cars.

There also were reports of an unexplained light in the sky far across the state between Sherman and McKinney.

Two men said pulsating green flashes streaked between clouds near Odessa, about 130 miles south of here.  Other sightings were reported around Amarillo, five to the North.

But the Texas Electric Service Co. at Odessa said the green lights there might have been caused by a power failure early yesterday when a ground guy wire sagged and caused an arc between two power lines.

Calvin Harris in Sandy McKean, CAA control tower workers at the Amarillo airport, said they saw a "blue gaseous object which moved swiftly and less than Amber Trail southeast of the city" Saturday night.

A couple driving into Amarillo from the south Saturday night told policeman J.R. Poole of an occurrence similar to the one reported by Saucedo, but Poole had not heard of the Levelland reports and said he brushed them off without getting their names.

Rep.  J.T. Rutherford (D-Tex) called first statement from the Pentagon on the reports and said he was dispatching a telegram asking an explanation from the Air Force.