The following pdf file contains the resized document transcribed below by Rich Vitello.

Dell Rio, Texas, Wednesday Afternoon, November 6, 1957

Air Force Trying to "Get the Facts"

Strange Objects Fly Through Texas Skies

Egg shaped objects were reported in the skies near Wichita Falls and Midland and a man said he saw one land near San Antonio Tuesday night while an Air Force representative attempted to "get the facts" about the phenomenon at Levelland.

An Air Defense Command representative from Colorado Springs, Colo., whom the Air Force refused to identify, offered no explanation but said he was there "only to get the facts," according to Hockley County Sheriff Weir Clem.

Officials at Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock said he had been there since Monday night.  He talked with Clem, who reported seeing the object that stopped car engines near Levelland over the weekend, and other townspeople who said they saw it.

Saucer Lands

At San Antonio, Lackland Air Force Base civil service employee Lon Yarborough said he was driving along US 81 from Devine to San Antonio when he saw an extremely bright object settle down in a ravine about 200 yards from him.  He said he was a mile and a half from San Antonio at the time.

The egg shaped object caused the lights and the engine of his 1957 car to fail.  He said his car was in perfect mechanical condition.

The object, he said rested for a few minutes and finally took off in the direction of San Antonio.

About two hours before Yarborough made his sighting, calls flooded newspaper and radio switchboards in San Antonio from persons who saw strange things in the sky.

Cigar Shaped

Mrs. Martha Garza of Alamo Heights said a red, blue and yellow cigar shaped object was visible for about 20 seconds.  She said it appeared to be 200 to 300 feet from the ground.  Another caller said it appeared to be prepairing to land on a field in the southwest part of town.

Mrs. Nathan Persky, at Wichita Falls, said she and her maid saw a huge bright light come through the clouds Tuesday morning. She said it wasn't the sun, since it was raining and cloudy at the time.  It was egg shaped, she said, and they watched it for nearly 30 minutes as it played among the clouds.

The Ground Observer Corps at Midland said it sighted a red object encircled by a white ring about 25 miles west of Midland. At the same time, they picked up a conversation on a sound detector from about 25 miles away.  It was in English, they said, but they couldn't understand it.  The Ground Observers said it apparently came from the object.