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Form:  Research of newspaper archives
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Flying Object Seen On Desert


Las Vegas Daily Optic, New Mexico; Tuesday November 5, 1957; Page 1


Flying Object Seen On Desert

   ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (UP) ---An electronics engineer reported seeing an unidentified flying object on an isolated desert highway near Alamogordo in southern New Mexico Monday afternoon.

   James Stokes, 42-year-old engineer in an upper air research project at the Air Force Missile Development Center near Alamogordo, said 10 automobiles stopped or were stopped on U.S. Highway 54, between White Sands Proving Grounds and the Air Force Development Center, when the flying object appeared.

   Earlier in the day, officials at White Sands Proving Grounds said two army patrols reported seeing a similar object or objects on Sunday.

     Object Stops Cars

   Similar reports came Sunday from Levelland Tex.

   Stokes, in a taped interview for Terry Clark news director of station KALG in Alamogordo, reported that object approached from the northeast over the Sacramento mountains. He said the first indication that something out of the ordinary was happening was a gradual fading of the radio in his automobile.

   Then, he said the car engine died, and he noticed that several other cars on the highway had stopped. He said he noticed that the occupants were getting out of their cars and pointing toward the sky.

      Passed At Highway

   "Looking up," Stokes said in the interview, "I saw a light-colored egg-shaped object making a shallow dive across the sky to the northeast.

   "Then it wheeled and made a pass at the highway, across the road not more than two miles ahead.

   "It then moved away toward the Organ mountains near White Sands Proving Grounds to the southwest.

   "As it passed at its closest point I could feel a kind of a heat wave but there was no sound.

      No Visible Portholes

   "It had no visible portholes and there was no vapor trail, smoke of flame visible."

   (Stokes said he remembered the details precisely  because he pulled out a notebook and jotted down everything he saw.)

   "When I got back to my car and checked the engine, I found it intact, but the battery was steaming. But it started with no trouble and I headed for a phone to notify officials at the Air Force Missile development Center at Alamogordo."

   (An Air Force public information officer told United Press Monday night he had no information to report.).

      Severe Sunburn

   Stokes said that he noticed later, after he reached home, that he had a severe sunburn.

   He said most of the motorists who saw the object were engineers or technicians who work on rocket projects at White Sands. He identified two others at the scene as Allan D. Baker of Las Cruces, N.M. , and a Mr. Duncan, also of Las Cruces.

   Stokes said it appeared to be 500 feet in length, with a shiny surface like the mother of pearl.

   He said it remained visible for about three minutes---from 1:10 p.m., m.s.t. to 1:13 p.m.

     Seen By Patrols

   Otero county's sheriff's office had no reports on the object.

   Officials at White Sands Proving Grounds, where missiles are tested, said two separate military patrols reported seeing an unidentified flying object of objects Sunday over an isolated area of the proving grounds near "Trinity" site where the first atomic bomb was exploded in 1945.

   They investigated the site, but found no markings.