Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 15:53:01 -0400
From: Richard Vitello <>
To: fran ridge <>
Subject: 200' Cigar Hovers 20' Off Ground, Nov. 8, 1957; Sloansville, New York


"Saucer' or Blimp?
Thruway Mystery

An unidentified truck driver reported seeing an unidentified flying object near Sloansville, Schoharie County, early yesterday.

The driver stopped at the Canajoharie Interchange of the State Thurway and told the toll collector:

He was driving up a steep hill of Route 20, outside Sloansville, when he spotted a 200 foot long, cigar-shaped object hovering about 20 feet off the ground.  He said that lights from the object were played on the ground and that he stopped two other truckers and woke up a farmer who also saw the object.  It was about 2 AM  The object then headed toward Albany.

Trooper J.G. Smith of the Catskill State Police night patrol, reported seeing a Navy blimp about 2 AM yesterday.  He said it was headed south and about 300 to 400 up.

Some authorities thought the object seen near Sloansville was the blimp, but admitted the time element of both sightings did not jibe; nor did they explain what a blimp would be doing hovering 20 feet above the ground.