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Date: Friday, 9 Sept 2011 
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: UFO Observed near Charlottesville

Titusville Herald, Pennsylvania
February 7, 1963
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See Strange

Flying Object,

Two Report



local newspaper reporter and an

area pilot Wednesday told a tale

of seeing a strange flying object

over Washington, D. C. Tuesday


John P. Campbell, reporter for

the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, and

Carl F. Chambers, Linden, said

they had radioed their sighting to

the control tower at the National

Airport in the capital.

The pilot of another plane flyng

in the vicinity had verified

their report of unexplainable

lights, the pair said.

Chambers said the object—dis-

cernible as a yellow-white glow—

was "too fast for any plane and

definitely not a star." They first

saw it near Charlottesville. Va.,

they said, and observed it for

most of the next hour before their

last sighting near Frederick, Md.

Chambers and Campbell, both

31,  were returning here from a

flight to Danville, Va.

Chambers said the National

Airport tower told them about the

other pilot radioing a similar report

and that the tower had the

Pennsylvanians' plane on radar,

but not the object they reported


The object hovered for awhile

over a military base near Washington,

Chambers said, and also

darted around their plane.