Wayne County Press, August 10, 1963 

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Light-In-the-Sky Story Gains Momentum Here; Another Strange Object Is Seen

             STUDY CASE.
Story Given Big Play

   The "light in the sky" story is 
gaining momentum! 

   Score of people saw an unusual 
object in the eastern sky here 
Wednesday night about 9 o'clock. 

   Descriptions of how it looked 
seem to vary with the location 
from which it was viewed. 

       Bright As Diamond

   Perhaps getting the best view 
of the phenomenon was Chauncey 
Uphoff, who operates a farm on 
highway 15 four miles east of 
Fairfield and his guest that eve- 
ning, Mike Hill, operator of the 
Hill cleaning plant here. 

   Said Mr. Uphoff, "Mike and I 
were sitting in the yard talking 
and we hadn't had a drop to 
drink," Mr. Uphoff noted jokingly. 
"And all of a sudden Mike said, 
'Did you turn your porch light on 
 . . look at that up there . . . it 
looks like a big diamond.' 

   "I quickly saw it. .  . . . it was 
moving from the west, along over 
the railroad track to the east. 
Never saw anything like it before. 
I ran inside and called the police 

            Lights Went Out

   "When I got back, Mike said, 
'Look there, here comes something 
else... it's a jet plane.' And sure 
enough there was another object 
but it didn't have blinker lights 
like a jet. Anyway, the diamond 
object suddenly swung around to- 
ward the jet plane object and as 
it neared the plane, or whatever it 
was, the lights on the diamond 
object went out. After the plane 
passed, there it was again. And 
then the light changed to a differ- 
rent glow and she swooped around 
toward us with lightning like 
speed and at this point it looked 
like a kite with a long tail. Quick- 
ly it circled back to the south and 
seemed to hover right there in the 
heavens at about a 45 degree angle 
over what would be the village of 
Merriam. Finally it disappeared 
down toward Grayville." 

   "It was big and it was brlght," 
continued Mr. Uphoff. "It looked 
like it might be a thousand or 
more feet up. It made no sound 

              No Imagination

   Continued Mr. Uphoff, "Now
Mike and I weren't born yesterday 
...we're not getting all excited 
about this flying saucer business, 
but for darn sure we saw this 
light in the sky.. . . it wasn't an 
airplane or anything like that, but 
we don't know what it was. Any- 
way we sure didn't just inugine 

   Mr Hill noted that Mr, Up- 
hoff's dogs went into barking 
spasms several times while all this 
was happening. He remarked that 
it's unusual for Mr. Uphoff's dogs 
to do much barking but last night 
he had to quiet them two or three 

   This might tie In with a report 
following the incident near Keenes 
Sunday night when Ronnie Austin, 
18, was chased home by a big, 
bright object in the sky. After 
that neighbors there reported how 
their dogs had barked so that 


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