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Form:  Research of magazine articles
Date: Tues, 21 June 2011 
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Joplin News Herald, Missouri April 27, 1966 Page 2, column 4

Florida governor reports seeing UFO


Gov. Haydon Burns saw a funny

thing on his way to the capital

- a UFO.

The governor ordered his airplane

pilots to give chase, but

the unidentified flying object's

lights winked out and it disappeared

— upwarrd bound — almost

at once after Burns' Convair

bore down on it.

So say Burns, his assistant, a

Florida Highway Patrol captain

and four newspapermen who

were flying with the governor to

Tallahassee from a re-election

campaign session at Orlando.

"I told you," Burns quipped to

reporters on board, "that my

campaign would be out of this

world." Later on the ground he

said he preferred that reporters

expand on the encounter by

moonlight Monday night 6,000

feet over Ocala.

"I much prefer to let the

newspaper representatives be

quoted." he said Tuesday. "I

will confirm that I saw the

same unidentified flying object

they have alluded to in their