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From: francis ridge <>
Subject: April 7, 1967; The North Dade Affair, FSR 05

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School Report

From Florida. via The Miami Herald of April 8. we learn how children at Crestview Elementary School saw, on April 7, an object which "appeared in a tree-dotted field behind the school a little after 10 a.m.

The next 10 minutes were chaotic. "There was a lot of excitement," said Mrs. Virginia Martin, a sixth grade teacher. "I didn't pay any ittention to what the children were pointing to at first, I was trying to set them lined up"

"Most of the 200 girls and boys at morning recess were running towards the school ground fence, yelling and pointing . . "

What Mrs. Martin, fourth grade teacher Bob Apfal, and sixth grade instructor Miss Marian Waters spotted appeared to be hovering behind a pine tree in an open field.

"It was oval shaped. It seemed to hover. I realized that an aeroplane doesn't do that, I thought, my gosh, this couldn't be happening. It seemed to move in toward the school, then went straight back and dropped below a pine tree. It came up again and went westward. I don't know what it was '' Teacher Bob Apfal exhibited no qualms. "lt was a flying saucer," lie said. matter-of-factly. The fourth grade teacher said Friday was the second consecutive day he and his class saw similar, metallic like objects north of the school grounds.

The teachers spent Friday afternoon talking to three Air Force investigators who drove to the school from Homestead Air Force Base. Andv Cohen (who said there were two objects) became the closest to a concensus spokesrnan for the kids. He sat in a car and told what he saw : "They looked like long cigars. They were flying apart one at a time. Some of the girls got hvsterical when they saw them. Jeff Moore's sister ran into the class and grabbed Jeff."

Latcr in the day it was discovered that the UFO sightings were not limited to the children and teachers at Crestview. Mrs. Mary Troesser, called at the Herald to inquire about any "strange sightings". Mrs. Troesser had been out in the yard and happened to glance in the direction of Crestview Elementary School. "There was this oval ojbject with red lights just over the trees . . ".

Credit: F. Martin of Miami.