Chicago American, Aug 9, 1963 
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Mystery Lights Jolt S. Illinois
Ghostly  Glow
Dances  Across
Sky  Third  Night


     FAIRFIELD, Ill.--Lights are dancing by night in the skies 
  over Wayne county to mystify, puzzle, and even terrorize some 
  of the score or more of persons who have seen them. 
     Because of the reports from viewers known to be responsi- 
  ble, who tell of seeing the 
  lights, in varied forms, for 
  three nights, the United States 
  air force is sending an expert 
  from Scott Field, Belleville, Il., 
  to make an investigation. 
     Dr. J. Allen Hynek, director 
  of Northwestern university's 
  Dearborn observatory is plan- 
  ning to come down to this 
  county seat town, 271 miles 
  south of Chicago, this week-end, 
  if he can. 
     Not since the days of the 
  "flying saucers" of several 
  years ago, which proved to be 
  myths, has a community been 
  so aroused. 
        "Reliable People" 
     But all of those who report 
  seeing the new mystery lights 
  hereabouts are "good, reliable, 
  and sound people," according 
  to Tom Mathews, editor of the 
  Wayne County Press, Fair- 
  field's weekly newspaper.  He 
     "We've had reports from 
  these people who saw the lights 
  Sunday night, Monday night, 
  and Wednesday night.  We know 
  these people.  They're seeing 
  something--not seeing things. 
     "The lights appear in various 
  forms, they say--like a brilliant 
  round ball of fire, with 'horns' 
  sticking out; a big diamond, a 
  kite with a long tail, a jet 
  plane.  But there's no noise, so 
  they know it isn't a plane." 
     Latest to see the mystery 
  lights were Chauncey Uphoft, 
  farmer four miles east of Fair- 
  field on Illinois highway 15, and 
  his guest, Mike Hill, Fairfield 
  cleaning plant operator.  Says 
     "Mike and I were sitting out 
  out in the yard Wednesday night-- 
  and we hadn't had a drop to 
  drink--when Mike said:  "Did 
  you turn on your porch light?" 
  We saw this  light, like a big 
  diamond, it seemed, up in the 
  sky, going east. 

          1,000 Feet Up 

     "Then another came along, 
  swooping east, like a kite with 
  a long tail, all lighted up.  It 
  was a thousand or more feet 
  up.  It was bright.  It didn't shed 
  any light on the ground, but it 
  set off my dogs in a round of 
  barking spasms.  It wasn't a jet 
  plane--we see a lot of them out 
  of Scott field, and east-west air 
  liner planes." 
     Uphoft has a pack of bird 
  dogs--and the lights had that 
  effect on the dogs on the Orville 
  Austin farm, near Wayne City, 
  16 miles west of Fairfield, Mon- 
  day night. 
     Ronnie Austin, 18, and his 
  girl friend, Phyllis Bruce, 18, 
  were driving home from an 
  outdoor theater just west of 
  Fairfield when, 10 miles from 
  home, Ronnie says: 

       "Big As An Auto" 

  "This big light looked as big as 
  an automobile.  My car engine 
  conked out for a minute, and 
  the radio went haywire, when 
  it passed overhead.  It looked 
  like it was chasing us until we 
  got home." 
     Ronnie called his father, who 
  got his shotgun, went out--but 
  went back in as the light 
  flashed.  He turned off the house 

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