Chicago American, Aug 11, 1963 

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Lights in Sky
Aren't For Real

   Those strange lights reportedly seen in the night skies 
above various locations of the state in the last few days, pre- 
sents a problem for psychologists rather than astronomers, ac- 
cording to the director of Northwestern university's Dearborn 
   Dr. J.Allen Hynek, who also 
is an official consultant to the 
air force on unidentified flying 
objects, told CHICAGO AMERI-
   "There has been no evi- 
dence of anything from outer 
space in connection with U.F. 
O.'s or similar phenomena. A 
great majority of the findings 
show normal occurrences were 
seen under unusual or sudden 

        Eyes Play Tricks

   "Most often there is a stimu- 
lus of some sort. U.F.O.'s are 
the result of people not seeing 
things they thought they saw." 
   Dr. Hynek's explanation co- 
incides with Robert W. Bur- 
meister's opinion of what 
excited Chicagoans actually saw 
in the sky over the northwest 
side Friday night. Several per- 
sons said they spotted flying 

                   500 a year

   In this instance, Burmeister 
says, that's what they did see. 
Burmeister, 55, of 1705 Happ 
Rd., Northbrook, a pilot, said 
today they got a distorted view 
of the 350 light bulbs in the 
electric advertising sign trail- 
ing behind his plane which read 
"You Can Learn to Fly in One 
Week...Priester Aviation...... 
Lehigh 7...1200." 
   Dr. Hynek, who has been in- 
vestigating unidentified objects 
for nearly 12 years, said that 
between 500 and 600 U.F.O. 
reports are forwarded to auth- 
ities at the Wright-Patterson 
air base, Dayton, Ohio, each 
   For those who insist they saw 
some unexplainable sight, he 
offers this advice: 
   "Next time, use your cam- 
eras. Get a picture of what you 
think you saw. This will help 
uncover the cause of the pheno- 
mena and give you a true, fac- 
tual report of what happened." 

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