Evansville Courier. August 6, 1963 

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Strange Light Chases
Area Teen-Ager's Car

Wayne City, Ill. (UPI) - A Wayne County teenager's excited claims that a strange white light chased his car at speeds up to 120 miles an hour had residents here buzzing Monday. Ronnie Austin, 18, told authorities that the light followed him and Phyllis Bruce, 18, ten miles as they drove home early Sunday from a drive-in theater at Mt. Vernon. 

Young Austin said the light stalled the car engine as it passed over and caused the radio "to go crazy." At one time it approached as close as 100 feet, he estimated. He said it  made a humming sound and had "cooling effect" as it passed overhead. 

Young Austin bolted into the home of his father, Orville, and told him to get a gun. Austin said the gun seemed to cause the light to draw nearer, so he closed the door, turned off all the lights in the house and telephoned authorities. Wayne County Deputy Sheriff Harry Lee, one the officers who answered the call, said he saw the light in the distance. He said it was "three or four times bigger than a star and was moving but not twinkling." 

Kenneth Talbert, police radio operator at Fairfield, said the light had the shape of a cross. Wayne City Marshal George Sexton said the light looked like the morning star to him. 

Mrs. Lbbie Austin, grandmother of the Austin youth, said the light had her dogs barking during the night. 

"It was ten times bigger than the moon and was much brighter than the morning star," said Mrs. Dwight Withrow, a neighbor. 

Sexton said young Austin became so excited when he viewed the retreating light with authorities outside his parents' home later that they had to carry him inside. A physician was called to give him a sedative. 

The youth's mother, who is employed at a factory at Fairfield said she had no idea what the light was. 

"But we were so excited we didn't even have breakfast Monday," she said. 

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