Evansville Courier, Aug 16, 1963 
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Light Theory

   Fairfield, Ill - (UPI) - A 
team of physicists from Wright- 
Patterson Air Force Base at Day- 
ton, 0., has come up with their 
explanation of those strange 
lights in the skies that have been 
frightening      and      befuddling 
Wayne County residents for more 
than ten days. 
   A report from the Pentagon in 
Washington Thursday said the 
residents saw the planet Jupiter, 
the Moon, a fireball and a jet 
bomber in a refueling operation. 
   The report of the physicists who 
interviewed Wayne County resi- 
dents last weekend was released 
by Maj. Maston M. Jacks. 
   On Aug. 4, 18-year-old Ronnie 
Austin of near Wayne City said 
a strange light chased him 10 
miles home from a drive-in the- 
ater at speeds up to 120 miles an 
   THE PHYSICISTS' report said 
young Austin saw the star 
Jupiter, which now is approach- 
ing its closest point to the earth, 
and the moon. 
   "It does look five times bright- 
er than any other star. Because 
of the distance and lowness, it 
would give the appearance of fol- 
lowing the path young Austin 
took," the report said. 
   The physicists said the planet 
changes color from orange, to 
red, green or blue. And would 
still be visible at dawn. 
   The light that a State trooper 
sighted as it was falling was de- 
scribed by the physicists as a 
"fireball" and said such occur- 
ences happen about 350 times 
a year. 
   MIKE HILL and Chauncey Up- 
hoff reported seeing a diamond 
or kite-shaped light on Aug. 7 
that lit up Uphoff's barnyard. The 
report said they saw a jet bomb- 
er and a tanker in a refueling 
operation. They said the fuel hose 
would appear as the tail of a kite. 
   During such a refueling opera- 
tion, the experts said, there would 
be a high frequency in the atmos- 
phere which would cause dogs to 
   "I just can't believe it," said 
Hill of the report. 
   Meanwhile, more strange lights 
are coming in each night. 
   Mrs. Henry Linder said she 
saw a low-flying object at tree- 
top level Wednesday night that 
"was about three feet long, egg- 
shaped, and lit up the area like 
a "Christmas tree." 

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