WAYNE COUNTY PRESS, Monday August 12, 1963


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Representatives From Private Or-
  ganizatlon Here Checking Fly-
           ing Object Stories.


A claim that the U.S. Air Force 
is surpressing evidence about Un- 
identified Flying Objects was 
made by a three-man team from 
the National Investigations Com- 
mittee on Aerial Phenomena here 
Saturday night. 

"We have documentary evidence 
that the Air Force is not releas- 
ing all its information on the un- 
identified flying objects which 
have been sighted in this country," 
according to Francis Ridge, chair- 
man of a subcommittee from In- 
diana Unit No. 1 of the NICAP. 

Three Men Here
Here with Mr. Ridge were Phillip 
Stuttler, assistant chairman, and 
Jim Catt, communications division. 

The three interviewed Chan Up- 
hoff and L.A. (Mike) Hill con- 
cerning the strange lights they 
saw in the eastern sky last Wed- 
nesday night 

The National Investigations 
Committee on Aerial Phenomena 
was started by an ex-Marine ma- 
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jor, Donald Edward Keyhoe, who 
has 'been with True Magazine. It 
is a private organization. 

According to the Vincennes, 
Ind., trio, the Air Force has files 
on 6,300 cases of UFO sightings, 
many of the reports still top 

      "Inherently Dangerous"

The NICAP board of directors 
feels that the Air Force censor- 
ship and withholding of UFO re- 
ports "is inherently dangerous." 
The private group wants open 
congressional hearings on UFO's 

Lt. Col. Robert J. Friend, an 
Air Force investigator here over 
the weekend, denied the Air 
Force hides information on the 
"flying saucers." Said Colonel 
Friend, "we investigate all these 
claims and let the chips fall where 
they may. To date the Air Force 
has no information there are fly- 
ing saucers." 

A public release from NICAP 
tells of a Trans-World Airline pi- 
lot dodging an unidentified flying 
object to avoid a head-on collision, 
a CAA control tower operator 
tracing four UFO's at 3600 miles an 
hour, one over an Air Force base, 
and an F-86 jet pilot chasing a 
huge saucer in the Far East. 

           Wanted No Publicity

The NICAP group almost got 
into trouble with police here Sat- 
urday night after a city police 
radio operator complained the 
group had represented themselves 
as being from military intelligence, 
in a telephone conversation with 
him Saturday afternoon. The three 
denied this. At first they declined 
to give their names to a Press re- 
porter, saying they wanted no pub- 
licity. Finally, at police insistence, 
they identified themselves. 

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