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Fort Pierce News-Tribune
Fort Pierce, Florida
July 31, 1952
Page 6, column 5

Mysterious Light Over Miami Beach Is Photographed

MIAMI (AP) The Air Force will get statements and photographs of a
mysterious light seen over Miami Beach Tuesday night.
        Photographs of the "orange, yellowish object" made by Marine Pfc.
Ralph C. Mayher, Cleveland, O., and statements by Lt. Comdr. Joe
Gardner; Lt. Joe Mills and Lt. I. M. Blum, who reported seeing the
object, will be turned over to naval intelligence and sent to the Air
Force in Washington.
           Mayher said he watched the object from a Miami Beach home and took
40 feet of film but only eight frames showed any image. The
photographs were made about 9:35 p. m. EST and Mayher said the object
had no diffused edges and was "very clear."
           Blum, returning from a squadron flight to Tampa, said he saw the
object about 9:50 p. m. for "only a few seconds" and described it as a
"very deep blue, round, large and very bright."
           Gardner and Mills, flying together in a PBY from Fort Myers to
Miami, said they saw the object about the same time as Blum.
           "It obviously was below the horizon," Gardner said, "and was
headed southeast and down. At first I thought it was a meteor but it
was on a converging course toward and under us. I saw it for five or
10 seconds."
           Blum said the object appeared to be 15 or 20 miles away, traveling
on a diagonal course at a terrific rate of speed until it reached his
altitude of 2,000 feet. He said he saw it only a few seconds.