Unidentified Aerial ‘Bright Object” Mystifies Area Fliers, CAA Man

Source: Times-Union (Albany, NY), April 11, 1956

Submitted by Michael Swords


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            Experienced airline pilots and conservative CAA tower personnel yesterday admitted having watched a dazzling bright object in the skies near Albany airport for several weeks.

            Capt. Raymond E. Ryan, 43, a Buffalo-based American Airlines pilot, said he saw “something fantastic’ after taking off from Albany airport Sunday night about 10:15 P.M. on a scheduled flight to Buffalo.

            “The light was so bright,” Capt. Ryan said, “you wouldn’t want to look at it.




            The dazzling object was also seen by Capt. Ryan’s co-pilot, William Neff, and Stewardess Phyliss Reynolds, as the American Airlines Convair followed it from Schenectady to Oswego but could not catch it.

            At Albany Airport Tower, Joseph Brown said he saw the bright object on two consecutive nights “about three week ago” sometime around 8:20 P.M.

            “It looked like a white, and later bright orange, light,” Brown said. “The object was west northwest of the tower.”

            He added that the first night he did not pay too much attention to the bright light, thinking it “probably was a star.”




            “The second night I saw it just as an American Airlines Convair was ready to take off,” Brown said, “and I asked the pilot to have a look at the object when he became airborne. But by the time the ship reached the runway and got into the air, the object had disappeared over the horizon.”

            On Sunday night, when Capt. Ryan and his crew saw the blinding light, it was also seen by the pilot of American Airlines Flight No. 176 en route to Montreal.

            At the same time, the “fantastic something” was observed by Leo Cline, CAA operator on duty at Albany Airport.

            “I watched it through binoculars, and it did not seem to be moving,” Cline said. “At first I thought it was a plane coming into Schenectady Airport with its headlights on, and didn’t pay too much attention because there was an American Airlines Convair ready to take-off.”




            Cline said the object was “very bright white” and generally turned to a bright orange before disappearing over the horizon.

            Capt. Ryan said he requested military frequency from Cline before taking off and that he notified Griffis Air Force at Rome on the theory that the object sighted might be a plane.

            Griffis reported that there was “no jet in the sky”, but that the speedy jets were sent to have a look around. The pilots were unable to find the bright object.

            “I’ve read about the saucers,” Ryan said, “and am the type of fellow that you’ve got to show me. I’m convinced there was something fantastic up there.”  

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