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   Senator Barry Goldwater
Statements on UFOs & Roswell
OCTOBER 1, 1994
Fran Ridge:
Barry Goldwater was a businessman and five-term United States Senator from Arizona (1953,­65, 1969,­87) and the Republican Party's nominee for president in the 1964 election (but lost). An articulate and charismatic figure during the first half of the 1960s, he was known as "Mr. Conservative". Goldwater was a retired Air Force two-star general, and he continued piloting B-52 aircraft until late in his military career. To those who called him "rash", he would remind people of the old saying that "there are no old, bold pilots". He and General Curtis LeMay and "Butch" Blanchard (Roswell fame) were friends. (Larry King)
You Tube, Oct. 1, 1994

text from above (Mike Murphy)
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Mike Murphy:
In the You Tube video interview Goldwater mentioned his attempt to gain access to the Blue Room at Wright-Patterson through General Curtis LeMay. That piece was broadcast at October 1, 1994 within Larry King episode titled "Larry King Live from Area 51". I was able to get at the time complete DVD recording from an archivist in Ohio from where I extracted that excerpt. I exchanged various UFO related archives with that archivist for many months via snail mail. After I sent video to Grant (Cameron), his webmaster Paul Robinson uploaded it on YouTube and it is still available here:
"A Different Perspective", by Kevin Randel
"The UFO Letters of Barry Goldwater", by Joachim Koch, International Roswell Initiative, Germany 

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