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              Fran Ridge

February 17, 2008 Statement

Re: Oct. 7, 1965 UFO Alert at Edwards AFB, California
Filmed by WFIE for the Sci-Fi Channel

Fran Ridge:
Oct. 7, 1965; Edwards AFB area, California
Up to twelve luminous UFOs flew over this secure test facility and the region, and at least one F-106A interceptor was scrambled from George AFB at Victorville. All of this action was captured on classified U.S. Air Force audio tapes which have now been declassified and are available to the public along with official documentation.The question in my mind is, what was going on during those 3-4 hours we don't know about? If we were allowed to hear only 6 hours of 40,  and read only 17 pages of hard-to-read documents, what is it we were NOT allowed to hear and see? The documents we have make it clear that by the time Alpha Lima Zero One was scrambled at at 1209Z or 5:09 PM PDT, "the activity was just about over."

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