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   Left to right: 18 year old Norman Muscarello who first spotted the UFO, patrolman David Hunt and Eugene Bertrand and dispatcher "Scratch" Toland.
Taped Interview, Officer Bertrand, Exeter Case
Sept. 3, 1965

September 3, 1965; Exeter, New Hampshire (BBU 9890)
1:30 A.M. While hitchhiking home in the early hours, teenager Norman Muscarello was terrorized by a large object with four or five bright red lights that approached from nearby woods and hovered over a field near the road. Horses spooked. He went to the Exeter police station, pale and shaken, and reported the incident. Officer Eugene Bertrand drove him back to the field to investigate. About an hour earlier Bertrand had come across a woman parked on Route 101. "She was real upset," he said, "and told me that a red glowing object had chased her" When he was called to investigate Muscarello's report, the earlier incident caused him to pay attention. At first Bertrand and Muscarello saw nothing, but when Bertrand flashed a light around the field, a huge dark object with red flashing lights rose up over the trees, moving back and forth, tilted, and came toward them. See full case directoryabove

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