Form: 97NCP
Date: Updated 22 May 2007
From: Francis Ridge, Coordinator
Cat: 10
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Nuclear Connection Project

Subject: Malmstrom AFB, Incident (1975)
November 7, 1975
Lewiston, Montana

Francis Ridge:
Malmstrom AFB has had several major "nuclear connection" type incidents. The first one on-record is the March 16, 1967 case where ten Titan missiles were put into a "no-go" situation when a UFO hovered over the base. This later incident involved one missile warhead and occurred during the October/November SAC base overflights of 1975. After the event at Malmstrom, and the UFO began to rise to about 1,000 feet, NORAD picked up the object on radar. Two F-106 jet interceptors were launched from Great Falls, Montana, and headed toward the sighting area. See report link below for details.

The Malmstrom 1975 Case Report - Fawcett & Greenwood (CLEAR INTENT)
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