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Bengough, Saskatchewan, Canada
February 19, 1968

Animal Reaction Feature: 
A small domed disc moved about a farm at very low altitude for 20 minutes during the noon hour. There was a penetrating high-pitched whine. 

When the object first appeared, a dog was seen cowering and lying in the snow, trying to cover its ears with its paws (possibly this could be translated as rubbing its face and ears with its paws--jw).  As soon as the object left, the dog wanted to get into the house.

Sixteen head of cattle, loose in the farmyard, bolted when the object moved into the area.  They entered the cattle sheds and did not emerge until at least a half-hour after the object disappeared.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Mrs. Martha Heggs, a farmwife, was in her kitchen just before noon.  She became aware of a high-pitched whine with such a penetrating intensity it was similar to a mild electric shock and caused a tingling sensation throughout her body.  Looking out, she saw an object 100 yards away circling around a pole with an electric transformer on it.

The object was shaped like two saucers edge-to-edge, surmounted by a dome with 6-7 ports, rounded at the top and extending straight down to the base of the dome. These ports were indented and white in color, resembling frosted glass. The saucers were about 8 feet wide, and the dome was about 4 feet wide. The body of the object looked like dull aluminum. There was a smaller, vented structure on top of the dome, and an antenna on top of that.   The object moved about the farmyard, sometimes hovering, its altitude ranging from 3 feet to 20 feet.  After 20 minutes, still 9-12 feet above the ground, the object left the farm through a windbreak and moved north until lost to view.

It was not stated if the high-pitched whine, and associated physiological effect, was continuous throughout the 20-minute sighting.  No EM effects were reported.

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Close Range Reports & Structural Details: Bengough, Saskatchewan

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