Ache, J. L.

Mailing address: 1 rue A. Honegger, Saint Germain en Laye 78100, France.

Activities: Investigation, research, 1970-, GROVNI, director, 1970-. Public Lecturer. Recipient of activity reports, jnvestigated reports and pertinent literature.

Publications: Contributor of information and reports to .various publications, including Encyclopaedia Quid, 1986.

Statement of position: "Sometimes curious, but real."



Achillides, Andreas Z.

Mailing address: PO Box 2423, Nicosia, Cyprus. Phone: 02456762.

Education/Bac0kground,: 0ptics, M.S. The Higher Institute, physics, lecturer, 1980-

Activities: CICAP, Investigation and research, 1970-. Recipient of activity reports, .investigated reports and pertinent literature.

Statement of position:
"Extraterrestrial origin."