Dr. James C. Bartlett, Jr.
Dr. James C. Bartlett, Jr., Baltimore, Maryland, was an elite astronomer interested in lunar and planetary observation, especially anything which would indicate life or intelligence. He found potentially interesting things, particularly on the Moon, which were so intriguing and well organized as to corroborating observations that big-time pros took notice of them. He had many publications and loads of citations. NICAP had a good one there. (Swords)  Bartlett went looking for unusual and controversial features and changes on the moon and planets. (Professional astronomers who had previously observed unusual things on Mars for example tried to dock any discussion.) Bartlett had a secretary, allowing for extensive correspondence with others. During the 1950s he had four UFO observations but the detailed reports are not readily available, esp., subsequent reports.  Bartlett also investigated cases finding an earlier sighting prior to the Lock Raven Dam incident. He did find that Lock Raven was investigated by AF OSI, at the time an almost unknown to the public AF activity. (Aldrich)  He served on the original NICAP Panel of Special Advisers. (Fran Ridge)