Mr. Norman S. Bean
Norman S. Bean was the Director of Engineering Development at WTVJ in Miami, Florida.  He was an associate of pilot William Nash and served on the original NICAP Panel of Special Advisers. Bean was one of the television industry’s pioneers, and had a long bright background in research and development work for such industry greats as Philco, Bel Tel, RCA Victor and others. Norm helped the U.S. Navy develop America’s first radio-controlled bomb during World War II, sort of the great grandfather of the flying missile of today.  He also developed a radio-compass for Pan-American Airways, and designed and developed the small vidicon TV camera. Bean’s spare-time pursuits involved the investigation and reporting of UFOs in southern Florida and he correlated the information from a broad network of observers, weeding out the obviously false and crank reports, and forwarded the rest to NICAP.  He delivered over 300 talks on UFOs to social civic and educational groups, and did countless newspaper interviews. There was a constant demand for his expertise in this interesting area. (Fran Ridge)  Nash told me that Bean was present when a plane using a miniature television camera rocket encountered a UFO in 1945.  He didn't see it, but heard the chatter of the crew. This is how he got interested in UFOs. (Jan Aldrich)