Robert C. Beck
Robert Beck, former Lockheed flight test engineer, was president of an electronics and photographic company.  In 1992,  Dr. Beck was a highly respected research physicist who had recently retired from his work with government contracts that were often classified. He was also known by his own business interests and his work as a university lecturer.  In particular he was known for his leading-edge designs in measuring subtle magnetic fields and extremely low frequency fields. His last research project in the early 1980's that focused on the brain and altered states of consciousness resulted in the design of the Brain Tuner. This won him an award from the John Fetzer Foundation. He served on the original NICAP Panel of Special Advisers. In 1963, while with NICAP and his magnetic field work, Beck discovered the existence of a U.S. Project Magnet and provided information to NICAP. The Navy Oceanographic Office confirmed the U. S. project, an airborne geomagnetic survey operating unclassified under OPNAV 3160-3B, was not related to the Canadian project and had nothing to do with UFOs. (Fran Ridge)