Col. Joseph Bryan III
At NICAP, Donald Keyhoe was visited by a man identifying himself as Colonel Joseph Bryan III, USAF. Bryan was apparently formally USAF, but what he did not reveal was that he operated as CIA. More than that, and amazingly, he was one of the CIA's highest psychological warfare experts. Later UFO historians have been made uncomfortable by this fact, since Bryan became a member of the NICAP Board of Governors. Was this a Trojan Horse inserted into the Air Force's main civilian irritant? Nothing would have made more sense, but, surprisingly, there is no evidence of meddling at all. Richard Hall, NICAP's Assistant Director, knew Bryan, and really knew how NICAP operated and made decisions. He said that Bryan was strictly hands-off in these matters. Added to that, Bryan was willing to go public with an extremely positive statement about the likely extraterrestrial nature of the devices. (UFOs & Government)