Hall, Richard
Richard (Dick) Hall was the assistant director of NICAP (1965-1967) during the Colorado Project era. He was not formally a project team member but could justifiably be called such. He and Don Keyhoe had come to Colorado early in the project, by invitation, to give the staff a briefing from NICAPs point of view. The staff, even Condon, was VERY impressed by Dick. This led to a request that he stay on for a few weeks to help organize project thinking, methods, information-organizing et al. He sat in on all the team meetings in those early 1967 days. Dick did let his bias get to him one key time, however. In one meeting, Condon et al were fussing about the apparent impossibility in getting field teams to the actual site of an occurrence (really a set of incidents or a localized flap) before the phenomenon just went away. Dick said that they (NICAP) were able to do that maybe several times a year --- which on later reflection, he admitted to others was a stressed baloney response. Nevertheless, Condon said that he was relieved to hear that, and everyone felt better about preparing for getting out into the field chasing UFOs. (Swords). Jan Aldrich: Editor of Satellite (pre-NICAP); BA Tulane U; Sec of NICAP 1958; Asst Director NICAP 1963 (?); Chairman of the EM Effects NICAP Subcommitte 1962-1963 (?); MUFON Journal editor; MUFON Foreign Correspondent; Founding member of FUFOR and later Chairman of the Board; UFO Research Coalition (chairman for one term?).  Books and papers: "The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty Year Report." (2001); "The Science of UFOs: Facts vs. Skepticism," International Space Sciences Organization, web site: www.isso.org (December 1999); "Signals, Noise, and UFO Waves," International UFO Reporter. (Winter 1998); "Bridging 50 Years of UFO History," chapter in UFOs: 1947-1997, edited by Hilary Evans & Dennis Stacy (1998); "Uninvited Guests: A Documented History of UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters & Coverups." Santa Fe, NMex. (1988); "The UFO Evidence". NICAP (1964)