Ralph D. Mayher
Mayher was a news photographer with Station KYW in Cleveland, Ohio. In early 1952, he was "inducted" [drafted?] into the Marines as a young married [?] photographer.  After basic training, he lucked out and was assigned to the air station at Opa-Locka Florida near Miami.  UFOs were flapping in southern Florida in the spring and summer and Mayher was interested.  On July 28th, a low altitude disk was reported over the Tatum Waterway, Miami Beach, by a Mr. Goldstein, and mentioned in the local media.  Mayher read both this and the news of the "repeat performance" in Washington D.C. with interest and an intuition.  He wondered if, since the the D.C. saucers had returned, might Miami also get a return?  He and his wife went to visit the Goldsteins the next evening and finding them friendly [and apparently up for a little adventure] decided to hang out with them [Ralph with camera at hand], in hopes of another viewing.  Several other neighbors of the Goldsteins were present as well.  So on July 29th, at 9:30 PM. Mayher, using 16 mm film exposed at 24  frames per second, obtained good footage of a high speed UFO. (See full report). (Mike Swords)  Because of the UFO flap then under way, the CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence asked the CIA Contact Division to borrow Mayher's film.  However, the AF still had the film and never returned it, so the CIA was only able to borrow 5 still blowups from Mayher on Nov. 7, 1957, which the CIA returned the following month. (Brad Sparks)  Mayher was one of the original members of the NICAP Panel of Special Advisers.