Warrant Officer Delbert C. Newhouse
Delbert C. Newhouse was born in 1913. He was a Warrant Officer/ Chief Petty Officer (he's labeled differently in different documents), U.S. Navy. He had over 1000 hours of in-air experience in photography at the time of his famous sighting. July 2, 1952  at Tremonton, Utah, he and his wife and two children were driving across the state, saw, and using a 16 mm movie camera, imaged a group of 12-14 shiny silver objects milling around in the sky. The Air Force and the Navy, considering Newhouse's credibility, spent considerable time and money on the analyses and to classify the Utah Film as "Secret". And, surprisingly, an FBI letter documents the importance placed on this incident. Art Lundahl knew who he was and had "high regard" for him and his skill. Newhouse ultimately retired to San Diego by time of McDonald's interview. I interviewed him in 1999 and his story never changed. Shortly after that he passed away. (Fran Ridge)