Frank G. Rawlinson
Physicist, NASA.  This fellow wasn't an "original" NICAP consultant, and that threw me off. He was "introduced" to the NICAP membership in the May 1960 NICAP Special Bulletin with a statement of his views. He then is mentioned in the consultants list in the UFO Investigator of December/January 1960-1961. Unfortunately I still have no bio info for him, but the attached at least gives you something to say. He was apparently a DC resident with NASA, and is labeled "Mr." so is probably not a PhD, or Keyhoe would likely have bragged that. (Mike Swords) Rawlinson worked at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. Don Berliner and Dick Hall were watching a baseball game in Dick's apartment when Rawlinson called them to say that it was being reported that a policeman in Socorro NM had seen a landed UFO with occupants. Don called the radio station, got their full information, and NICAP was "off and running" on the breakthrough case. (Don Berliner)