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Francis L. Ridge

Francis L. Ridge
Born: October 13, 1942
Birthplace: Vincennes, Indiana,
Married, 4 children
54­ years in UFO investigation & research with major organizations

Statement of Position on UFOs:
"There is no doubt that most UFOs are actually IFOs. For the subset of events that cannot be explained, there is a group of sightings that demonstrates solid objects  under intelligent control. I am convinced that these objects are somebody else's craft. Although I cannot prove that the intelligence behind the phenomena is ET in nature, I consider the ETH to be the least unlikely. I also feel that there is a nuclear connection (or one that indicates a cause and effect relationship with serious world events that could lead to a nuclear threat) and that the evidence in the form of military sightings indicates an overt military-type operation."

1960-1971 Headed 7-man investigation team in Indiana for the National Investigations Committee on Aeria] Phenomena, designated Indiana Unit No. 1 from November 17, I960 to January 31, 1971.

1970 - Began work on a basic UFO detection system designed in 1960.

1971 - Conducted private UFO research in Villa Grove, Illinois, groundwork for MADAR and Geograph­ical Distribution Research.

1972 - Accepted position of State­ Section Director, Mutual UFO Network, while in Hillsboro, Illinois, continued geographical studies of the 9-­state area under GDR project.

1973 - On a third company transfer, at Mt. Vernon, Indiana, set up research and investigation team under MUFON as State­ Section Director for Posey, Vanderburg, & Gibson counties. Continued GDR until end of year which included the massive 1973 sighting wave, set up "saucer grapevine" with scattered observers, police, sheriff, and state police, airport control towers and Civil Defense in the tri­-county area with a monthly bulleton and a published telephone number and media coverage. Station designated as the UFO FILTER CENTER.

Also implemented (and improved from earlier experience) was a device to detect UFOs and record scientific data, called MADAR
. Directed the MADAR Project until late 1990.

1973-1995  Operated and directed the MADAR Project (UFO detection). As head of The Indiana Group he also was in charge of Indiana's Rapid Deployment Team of over 30 FIs. 

1986 - Obtained his first computer and continued work on his computer database for the GDR work which listed over 4,000 entries for the region covering Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky & Tennessee. Became Indiana's MUFON State Director and FI for the Center for UFO Studies.  Set up State Section Directors (SD's) and trained and tested 150 potential field investigators in Indiana's 92 counties. The Indiana group rapid deployment team consisted of approximately 30 active FI's throughout this period. Ridge investigated hundreds of cases.

1994 - Published his first book on UFOs, "Regional Encounters: The FC Files."

With the help of a kind and intelligent neighbor lady and retired school teacher named Carol Fischer and some computer issues, Ridge was dragged, kicking and screeming, into the realm of the internet. With the aid of email and websites Ridge was introduced to Dan Wilson and the Project Blue Book "gems". By now Jean Waskiewicz had joined the trio and serious work on very important UFO documents began to be placed on the new web site. 

1997 - Always very interested in Astronomy, he began a serious study of the Moon and LTPs (Lunar Transient Phenomena) with The Lunascan Project in September 14, 1997. The  Lunascan Project is an EBTI (Earth-Based Telescopic Imaging) program using live and recorded CCD technology to document LTPs and "Fast Walkers". Members are located all over the globe and include varying degrees of expertise.

The official NICAP web site was launched on December 15th, 1997. Ridge was, and still is, the site coordinator and A-Team leader for the NICAP work. The A-Team is made up of the leading UFO experts from all over the world. All the PR work (briefings and radio/TV/newspaper  interviews) can be found on the site. The single most important items on the site, representing decades of work, are the
UFO Sighting Chronologies.

2003 - On July 1st, Ridge began and set up a web site for the
Nuclear Connection Project.

2006 - Re-opened Mantell case of January 1947, completed report and book in 2008 with the help of Jean Waskiewicz, Dan Wilson & Brad Sparks. Two years later he wrote the report for that re-investigation The Mantell Incident: The Anatomy of an Investigation / A 60-year-old cover-up.

2010 - An amazing discovery. MADAR records for 1997 showed a correlation between MADAR-15 and the famous WOW! Signal!

2014 - Constructed new updated MADAR UFO detection system, re-established the project with a web site on February 1, 2014. Began work on a regional sighting database (UFO Intelligence Summary) and spotter group sinvolving police, sheriff, state police, and airport control tower personnel.

In August the Lunascan Project created LIMO

Francis Ridge is married to Carolyn (Walls) Ridge and has four children (3 boys and 1 girl), six grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Mailing Address:
Francis Ridge
618 Davis Drive
Mt. Vernon, IN  47620


(812) 838-3120

1973-1986 - Monthly Status Report - Sent to law enforcement officers, news media and airport control tower in tri-county region
1986-1996 - Monthly, Newsletter, MUFON Indiana Monthly, UFO Intelligence Newsletter
1994         -  Book, "Regional Encounters: The FC Files"
2006         -  The Mantell Incident: Anatomy of an investigation, a 60-year-old cover-up

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